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Humanist Ceremonies

Humanist Ceremonies

Grieving a loved one is a personal and lifelong process.

Funerals are held so soon after the death that family and friends are still in the first stages of brutal shock, that even an expected death can bring.

Even if you hold a personal, relevant HumanistUK funeral ceremony, the real person we grieve can be lost in the process. From my own experience, I was so traumatised by my own mothers death that I have absolutely no recollection of her funeral…even though I had planned it myself!

Remembrance ceremonies can be held at any time after a death.

When the raw grief has passed and there has been time to reflect on and remember a loved one – in life – rather than death.

Remembrance ceremonies are full of laughter – with a few tears – full of stories, anecdotes, memories and most importantly – love.

“Jess…Frances would have loved it…I haven't laughed so much in the passed 2 years…her funeral, to be honest, was rather traumatic and she simply wasn't there, but her remembrance ceremony was “just her” and now I feel a little easier. I think we did her proud! Thankyou” - Chris

I am an experienced humanist celebrant who turns ideas and memories into ceremonies that reflect and celebrate a life. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more.