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How The Wedding Ceremony Works

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Wedding Ceremony

The fun bit!

You've just got engaged! Congratulations!


complimentary meeting is vital for all my couples, Once you’ve decided that you’d like me to
conduct your ceremony, the date is secured in my diary.

At the consultation, I’ll get to know you both, your story, how you met, anecdotes, special holidays,
special people in your life. All about you, so I can then go and script a brilliant ceremony that really reflects you as a couple.

Whatever you choose to include in your ceremony it will be designed around your choices but don’t
worry if you’re stuck for inspiration, I’m on hand with ideas and suggestions to help you along if
need be.

I’m always contactable for any changes or additions to your ceremony, right up to the day itself!
I’m well aware of how expensive weddings and other ceremonies can be. Independent celebrants
design ceremonies which are vastly superior to the registration service yet my fees are reflective
and sometimes better.

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Personal Wedding Celebrant

The Big Day

You have the choice to read through the ceremony script nearer the day & to have an informal ceremony rehearsal if you so choose.

You have the choice to have a ceremony rehearsal if you so wish.

On the day itself, I arrive in plenty of time and unlike the registration service, I won’t be rushing off
to another ceremony, yours is the only ceremony I will be conducting that day, so if any of your
guests are stuck in traffic or the we’re waiting for a break in the clouds…it doesn’t matter!

  • I’m on hand to welcome guests and run through any particulars with readers and other participants.
  • I’ll be ready to soothe any nerves before the ceremony and ensure everything is in place.
  • I’ll deliver your ceremony exactly the way you wished it. Making your guests feel part of your special day and creating memories for you to take to the future.

More importantly I’ll get you and your guests in the mood to start your celebrations in style!

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